Study Abroad

Australian Education System

Begin studying in Australia, there are a range of entry requirements which are compulsory:

English language proficiency

English language proficiency is now a requirement when applying for a student visa. The IELTS is the only test accepted by the Australian Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs for student visa purposes. Some visa Assessment Levels accept the IELTS entry levels required by the education institution. Australian education institutions can only accept students with an appropriate level of English proficiency

You need to meet English language requirements to get a student visa. So, when you’re trying to find out what scores you need, or if you’re simply looking for more information: we’ve got you covered.

IELTS and Student Visas in 3 steps:

  • Check the IELTS requirements for your Australian study program​​​​​​
  • Book your IELTS test, we can send your results directly to your university ​​​​​​
  • Accept the study offer from your university and apply for your Student Visa ​​​​​​