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Business Visa

Are you planning to come to Canada as a Business immigrant?

If you are a business person or senior manager looking to Immigrate to Canada, the Canadian provincial governments and local communities offer a number of options that may allow you to fast-track the Canadian immigration process. Business immigrants are people who can invest or start a business in Canada and are expected to support the economy of local communities in Canada.

With Ingress Immigration, we will help to craft a customized plan to give a startup boost to your business with comfort and ease. Whether you are an established company, start-up or self-employed, we will help you determine your possible options for business immigration.

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Start Up Visa

The Start-up Visa program helps foreign entrepreneurs to establish business in Canada by giving them support including funding, guidance and expertise in opening and operating the business that can be beneficial for the country's economic growth.

Self Employed Visa

The Self-Employed Persons Program allows foreign nationals with relevant experience in cultural activities, athletics or farm management to immigrate to Canada permanently as self-employed.

The program targets those who have the experience, intention and ability to establish a business which can make a significant contribution to Canada's cultural life or sports.

Entrepreneur Visa

Entrepreneur Visa is for foreign entrepreneurs or businessmen or senior managers who are looking to establish, invest in or acquire a business in Canada.

Investor Visa

Canada is one of the world’s leading destinations for entrepreneurs and international investors. Through the Investor Visa, foreign nationals are able to bring their business, start a business, start a franchise, import a franchise or open a business branch in Canada.

This program aims to attract qualified business people, entrepreneurs and investors who are able to contribute to Canada’s growth by making a significant contribution and investment for Canada’s economy.