Management Training in Australia – 12 Months

JOJO International offers you a paid Hospitality Internship in Australia. It is one of the highest paying countries abroad and offers a great culture and ambiance for interns to work in.

The tourism sector is always booming in Australia, thanks to its laid back and enjoyable lifestyle.

Did you know? Australia has around 10,685 beaches and a well-established hotel Industry catering to its touristic demands.

Hotel Management Jobs in Australia

We all know of the great Australian outback, and the landscape varies from endless sun-baked horizons to dense tropical rainforest, to chilly southern beaches.

This gives us a great opportunity to have our candidates experience and gain experience in the distinct tastes and culinary diversity of the Australian continent.

We help you with all the client interviews as well as documentation work assistance for your dream job in Australia.

Eligibility criteria for Hotel Management placements in Australia

Hold a Diploma / Degree from a university with one year of work experience. OR
Are a current student enrolled in a degree or certificate granting post-secondary institution. OR
Are a recent graduate from a degree or certificate granting post-secondary institution, who will begin the program within 12 months of graduation.
Recent Hospitality Graduate with 6 Months of work experience and currently applicant should be working in 4-5 star hotels

Placement Area:

3 Star – 5 Star Hotels & Resorts in all over Australia.

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We at JOJO International, command experience of over 10 years in Hotel Management Industry.

We are experts in placing candidates in their dream jobs abroad in Hotel Management.

Once you place your trust in our hands, you will have a safe and smooth journey, if you are passionate and eager to do what is required to be the best in the Hospitality Industry.

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