Culinary Internship in the USA

Our trainees have the privilege of a 6-month Internship Training Program in the USA. This is a Culinary Internship in the USA for Students, graduates as well as young professionals. Training in the USA gives our trainees a global perspective and fresh viewpoint of the Culinary and Hospitality Management Industry in the USA and the world, as the USA is a global melting pot of cultures.

The United States has a lot of great culinary programs as well as internships. We took use of this opportunity to deliver great opportunities to our students

Eligibility: Our prospective trainees should fulfill the following needs to be a part of our unique program.

Eligibility criteria for USA Recruitment Program

Hold a Diploma or Degree from a University with one year of work experience. OR
Are a current student enrolled in a degree or certificate granting post-secondary institution outside of the U.S. OR?
Are a recent graduate from a degree or certificate granting post-secondary institution, who will begin the program within 12 months of graduation. OR
Are a non-graduate with five years of work experience and be between the ages of 18 and 30 years only (These are a part of the USA Immigration Regulations).

Placement for Hotel Management Students in the USA

Since the Hospitality Industry is also influenced by seasonal changes, this offer gives you a unique opportunity to intern and meet the rising workforce needs of the USA, as well as get to travel, learn, and experience the culture of the United States

If you are interested in a paid Internship in Australia, do check out our program Management Training in Australia – 12 Months

We have another paid internship program for our USA aspirants, Hospitality Internship in the USA: 12 Months, which is a longer 12-month program. Please check our program here

We offer both managerial and production Internships and if you are eligible you can contact us directly or fill in the brochure form.

We at JOJO International, command experience of over 10 years in Hotel Management Industry. We are experts in placing candidates in their dream jobs in the USA in Hotel Management.

Once you place your trust in our hands, you will have a safe and smooth journey, as long as you are passionate and eager to do what is required to be the best in the Hospitality Industry.

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