Hospitality Internship in the USA: 12 Months

This is a paid Hospitality training Internship in the USA. We all know about the great country of the USA, and everybody wants to live the American Dream. JOJO International offers you a great opportunity to work with stalwarts of the hotel industry and find a footing for yourself in the Hospitality sector.

The USA is a huge country and there are always short and long term internships available in its various cities.

Placement in the USA for Hotel Management Students

JOJO international has tie-ups with a wide range of star-rated chain of hotels and restaurants. We can confidently place our candidates and they can expect their careers to only grow from here, since working in the USA is a stepping stone of achieving greater heights, even after you have moved on to another country.

Look no further as this is one of the best Internships on offer with us go ahead and contact us for details, and rest assured we will make your journey smooth to get your dream internship and job.

J1 internship program in the USA

The visa type provided to you by the US government is the J1 Visa for the USA, we help you in all the documentation procedures for the same once you are selected by the client, for which we set up interviews, both walk-in and online.

We offer both managerial and production Internships and if you are eligible you can contact us directly or fill in the brochure form

Eligibility criteria for USA Recruitment program

Hold a Diploma / Degree from a university with one year of work experience. OR
Are a current student enrolled in a degree or certificate granting post-secondary institution outside of the U.S. OR
Are a recent graduate from a degree or certificate granting post-secondary institution, who will begin the program within 12 months of graduation. OR
Are a non-graduate with five years of work experience and be between the ages of 18 and 30 years only (USA Immigration Regulations).

Placement Area

3 Star – 5 Star Hotels & Resorts in all over the USA.

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We also another program for the USA, Culinary Internship in the USA: 6 Months which is a shorter internship program for the USA.

We at JOJO International, command experience of over 10 years in Hotel Management Industry.

We are experts in placing candidates in their dream jobs abroad in Hotel Management.

If passionate and eager to do what is required to be the best in the Hospitality Industry, you can place your trust in our hand, and you will have a safe and smooth journey.

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